It had been hours since he had fallen asleep with Bruce at his side.  He woke up in the darkness with Bruce still next to him, sleeping soundly.  Tony blinked a few times and rubbed his eyes with his left hand.  He managed to slide his arm out from under Bruce without waking him up and he quietly got out of bed, walking out onto the balcony across the room.  He shut the glass door behind him and leaned forward on his elbows, looking out over the city from the balcony.  It was beautiful; the lights shone across the horizon against the pitch black night sky, and there were few cars driving around at this hour.  The sound of human life out was actually reassuring and peaceful right now, the soft rush of cars going by below.  It was odd to see New York City like this, but that’s what made it so peaceful. He was still only in his grey boxers, but the cold cement of the balcony felt amazing against his hot skin.  It wasn’t even too cold out, or too warm; in fact, it felt like just the right temperature.  Tonight was perfect; he had Bruce laying in his bed, he felt at home for the first time in a long time, and it was too gorgeous out tonight.  A small smile fought its way to Tony’s lips; this was the life he had always dreamed of.